Maat Play Online


The maat play online  was designed to introduce museum exhibitions to children in a fun and educational manner. It allowed kids to explore exhibitions online, offering an interactive and engaging experience. The exhibitions included in the project are: Aquaria, Earth Bits, Rehearsal for a Community, Storytelling Meters, X is Not a Small Country.
ClientMAAT — Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology

CoordinationJoana Simões Henriques
Patrícia Trindade

ProductionInês Sampaio

TranslationRita Matos
Design, Animation & Sound
Joana Fatela 
João Deus

Aquaria  Artificial Coral Reefs

  Earth Bits Bit by Bit

 Rehearsal for a CommunityOpen Letter

Storytelling Meters Electric Drawings

X is Not a Small Country Global city

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